Judy shares how her own transformation was first visible in her paintings in the video below.

Judy Jewel is an artist inspired by a personal sense of knowing that beautiful art can heal.  Her passion for painting did not develop until she was in her mid 40's.  At that time she was going through a series of personal challenges and life transforming changes.  During this dark period her vibrant artwork began flowing out of her onto the canvas as if this bright passion within was oozing out in spite of all the darkness around her.  Her art reflects her intensity and passion for life that was always inside but was kept suppressed by her former self.   Her own personal transformation was led by her art as her essence was revealed to her in her own paintings. 

"I could feel this fire of burning desire within me and at the time I was not conscious enough to live it in my own life but I was compelled to let it flow out of me onto the canvas".  "It was as if I could paint the intensity I desired in my own life even though I was too afraid to feel my true power and so I did not show it to the world".  In fact, she hid away most of her paintings and did not show them to the public until 2006.   As she has had a coming out of her artwork she also has had a personal awakening within herself. She has transformed from a quiet, reserved, emotionally shut down woman to a confident vibrant artist who embraces and celebrates her own power and lives life with passion. 

Her paintings have allowed her to feel alive again and now she wants the viewer to be able to feel her passion when they view her work.  "I feel so alive when I create and I want to inspire that feeling in others!"


Her work includes vibrant oil paintings, digital art, videos and murals.  She also provides painting parties using painting as the fast path to personal empowerment and spiritual growth.   

Her vision is to support people by providing them with the experience of painting and self expression in order to connect deeper with themselves in the process.​

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